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Why the Kraken is so popular

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How to avoid falling for scammers on the Kraken website

Kraken Onion is the main darknet site for today

Once upon a time, trade in prohibited goods was strictly suppressed by authorities and law enforcement agencies. However, as practice shows, bans never reduce demand, but on the contrary, they work to increase it. To overcome these prohibitions, the Darknet was created - a dark, closed segment of the Internet, with sites such as Kraken itself is one of thousands of marketplaces that work fruitfully on the dark side. But its popularity makes the resource stand out among its competitors, and every day more and more people follow the 2krn link. What is its phenomenon? Case the whole point is that the resource is an improved version of the trading platform, which has all the goodies a user needs: a simple and clear interface, fast loading of pages when switching, easy account replenishment, reliable encryption of personal data of users.


First, it should be noted that operates a special mirror system. If the working link has become ineffective, you do not need to search the Internet for links to mirrors, but simply change the number in the address to the next one in order. Exception is only the number 3. Also in the .onion zone there is a working link kraken7jmgt7yhhe2c4iyilthnhcugfylcztsdhh7otrr6jgdw667pqd.onion on which the Kraken website is working in test mode. So, we have decided on the link, now we download the secure TOR browser into which we will insert this very link. The installation file can be found on any thematic website. Paste the link into the browser and proceed. Next you need to register. Create a username and password to log into your account and fill out the registration form. The next step is to top up your wallet on krmp. The only currency on Kraken is Bitcoin. You can top up your wallet in two main ways - by direct transfer from another wallet or using exchangers built into Kraken. By the way, speaking of the latter, exchangers on the website transfer money to your account very quickly and do not charge a large commission.